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Smog Test And Repair In San Mateo, CA

What is a smog test?

Getting a smog test, or smog check, is a simple and standard procedure. It is a test of your vehicle and its engine emissions. This test should only be performed at a licensed smog testing facility. Not only does it minimize the amount of pollutants in the air of San Mateo, CA, San Carlos, CA, Hillsborough, CA, Foster City, CA, and beyond, but a smog test can verify that your car is running in its optimal performance. Therefore, it is important to get a smog test when it is time to do so. Not only does it lower smog levels in the air but it also is a good indicator of how well your engine is running. Some states also require you to get a smog test for your vehicle by law. To avoid facing any consequences like not getting your vehicle registration renewed and possible fines. If your check engine lights are on, it is an automatic fail for a smog test. 


Where can I get a smog test?

There are two types of smog stations in which you can get a smog test. A smog test only station is authorized to perform regular and test only smog inspections, but are not certified to perform smog repairs. Test and repair stations, on the other hand, are approved by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs to inspect, repair and certify all vehicles, whether it is a Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda or any other make. Getting smog certification for your vehicle means it has passed the smog test. 


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Ever since 1974, we at Holland Car Care - San Mateo in San Mateo have done many smog checks for drivers in San Mateo, CA, San Carlos, CA, Hillsborough, CA, Foster City, CA, Burlingame, CA, and surrounding areas. Our technicians are specialized in smog tests, Japanese Auto Repair, European Auto Repair, and so much more. Make us your local emissions repair facility! Reasons You Should Do Business With Us:


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We've been fixing cars since 1974 and are experts in all things automotive repair. If you are in the 94401 area or nearby, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with Holland Car Care - San Mateo in US, either online or via phone at 650-344-8815. Holland Car Care - San Mateo - Honesty and Excellence Since 1974. 

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